Wednesday, February 16

What does Country mean to you?

Have you checked out the new

Country Living Magazine March 2011?

"What's Country Now

Love the cover....different from last issue all WHITE.

Let me know what you think?

via Country Living

Country means to me a collection of

mix n match,

combine old and new,

soothing colors,


plenty of comfort.

Yes, plenty of comfort.

What makes you comfortable and happy in your home
should be what Country is all about....

What does Country mean to you?

Have a good week.

I am working on another blank wall opposite of my desk nook.

Hopefully I will be able to finish it by the weekend.

My little one is under the weather.

Take care,



Unknown said...

WOW! I am LoViNg that room!!! Great colors! I just had my red floral couch recovered in my living room to a tan casual slip covered look ... I really like it, but my house has SOOOO transformed into total neutral. But I really do appreciate color, especially when people go really BOLD!

Serendipitous Home said...

Hi Claudia,
Hope you had a very nice birthday.
Just taking a work break and wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments. It was so much easier picking a wall colour when I only had to get one wall right, LOL! The blue is making me so happy even though I have to still tweak it a bit.
I have to find another place to consider my plate rack now, I asked hubs again and he doesn't want to worry about it getting banged when he goes up and down the stairs with his tools all the time. Oh well. I've got another place in mind for it that might work but we are going to get the bedroom done first.
Don't give up on that one in the antique place, maybe they won't pick it up. Sorry did you say you left your name with them in case they didn't?
Take care of your wee one and hope she is feeling better.


Serendipitous Home said...

Meant to also say,
country to me is, benches, pillows, dressers, baskets, hooks, pretty lighting and on the practical side, resilient flooring. It is also being connected with the great outdoors no matter where you live, in the city or surrounded by farm fields.
I just got back to my walking 4 times now in a week and it sure does make me feel like a country girl again!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Such a gorgeous room!!!
I hope your little one is better very soon!

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Claudia,

I hope your little one is feeling better.. I agree with you, I think country living is comfort. It's definitely what I think of when I look at your gorgeous kitchen! Rachaelxx

Tessa said...

I'm seeing a lot of purple lately. It was my favorite color when I was little and I've taken a LONG break from it. I have always loved toile though. I think the term "country" has a bit of a negative connotation, even though it is a style I adore. Linen, baskets, slip covers, transferware, floral fabrics, painted furniture, pewter, toile, checks, beadboard, wellies, & dutch doors. Cozy & comfrtable interiors. Have a great weekend! Glad you had such a fabulous birthday.

Simply Me said...

Beautiful home !!! Have a great day!

Pinecone said...

Have fun with your kiddos over the break!
Country to me means just putting together what you matter what the current in thing is. Right now I love green, and there is plenty of it in our house. I have a lot of orange and red too. It all seems to work with my slipcovered couches.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

The room blech, not me. I picked up the mag at the store and put it down..had to pass on it.

Not a fan of purple and red..together..kinda reminds me of the old ladies in the RED HAT Society.
Oh well there is always something for everybody's tastes right?

All things nice... said...


Country for me means tranquility, peace, harmony, happiness, warmth, friendly people, nature and ultimately Country is where my heart is! I'm delighted you have enjoyed Ireland. I live in a very rural area of Ireland near the border with Northern Ireland. Have you visited the north of the Island?

All things nice...

All things nice...

Deb said...

Country to me means comfy and cozy! I certainly do love the new country look compared to the old one! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend Claudia! ~Deb~

michelle said...

I have yet to pick that one up, I am so behind on my magazines! The room looks so fun! I hope your little one feels better and thank you so much for your kind comments about my bedroom! I am following you as well, wonderful blog!

Faded Plains said...

If it's's country...that's what I think too. I hope you little gets better soon...and have a great week!


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