Wednesday, May 30



Our rhododendrons are growing crazy.

They create a beautiful wall blocking out the woods that lead to the street.  

Sad to say that the petals are starting to fall off.  

They only last for two weeks. 

We have pink and white.

Great views  from our windows in the dining room and kitchen. 

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  

Here are few pics...

Have a good week! 

Take care,


Tuesday, May 22


We had a beautiful weekend in Nantucket.

It was the start of the season with the wine festival!

Lots of changes going on with new restaurants.

Sad to see the old ones go.
One of our favorites is still there.  

We kicked off the summer early with friends 


The Club Car

The only place that was serving drinks at 11:00 a.m.

Spicy Bloody Mary... 

Best lobster roll so far...

Lots of sunshine and good times. 

Stayed at the beautiful  White Elephant


Grey shingled homes, 

captain's stair cases,

picturesque landscapes of white hydrangeas and lilac bushes 

everywhere you walk. 

Cisco Brewery where time stops. 

Shopping was done on the last day.

Picked up some scented candles,  

costume jewelry (always fun),

 and these cute coasters 

which I will show later in the week. 

Take care,

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful weekend so far with my family.

Grilled lobsters and char grilled oysters last night.

They were delicious!

Oysters with Asiago cheese. 

 Chocolate croissants this morning. 

Have a  beautiful Sunday with your family!

Heading into Boston for dinner with the kids and hubby.

Take care,