Thursday, March 22

Pretty Room Inspiration.....


These rooms shout out Spring!

There is a running theme...

Lots of sunshine and beautiful flowers.

I hope it's Spring where you are.

It's been very warm and sunny.

Love the beautiful bright colors.


Via Country Living

Claudia Coming Home

Claudia Coming Home

Claudia Coming Home

Take care,


Wednesday, March 7

Random Celtic Love!

Happy St. Patrick's Day week!

Celtic Love......

Tin whistles and violins.

Voice of Ages

Beautiful music by

The Chieftains

along with

great Indie and country bands.

It's playing right now.


Here are a few pictures from one of our visits to Ireland.

Picked up these cute cupcake kits from

William Sonoma.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day weekend everyone!

Take care,