Tuesday, January 30


There hasn't been too many snow days this winter

 to pause and 

 enjoy watching the snow fall, 

build snowmen,

 and warm up by the fire. 

Our Magnolia tree is surviving the winter.  

The shiny leaves on the Magnolia tree

 look pretty in the snow. 

It's the last week of January and getting closer 

to Spring. 

Can't wait till this Magnolia tree 

blooms their fragrant flowers.


Take care, 


Friday, December 29


We had our first Christmas at home....

not because we planned it that way.

Our younghest woke up with a high fever on

 Christmas Eve.  

She was so sad not to be able to visit family.  

We had to quickly decide options and come up with a 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menu!  

The house was all decorated but just needed food 

to enjoy on both days.  

We had only bought a few things for a late 

snack after coming back from visiting family 

on Christmas Eve.  
We had a quiet but fun Christmas weekend.  

The kids were happy with their gifts

and staying in their pj's. 

Here are some pics 

from around the house.  

Here are some more pics...

Take care, 


Monday, October 23

Some Fall pics from around the house.

Enjoying late Indian Summer for October.

It's especially nice to be able to be outside.

Take care,

Sunday, November 2

Goodbye Mayflower Home!

It's been awhile.
We said goodbye to our Mayflower Home. 

We have moved one town over.

It's a beautiful home with a new view. 

We are just settling in, unpacking, and making it our home.   

I'll show pics on the next post.  

Here is our Mayflower Home of 16 years.  

Lots of great memories and hope the next family enjoys it as much as we have. 


Front patio facing the basketball court

Basketball court

Sun Room

Another view of Sun Room

Dining Room

Side View of Kitchen

Turn the corner to the wet bar

Great Room

Another view of Great Room leading to sun room

Great Room

Another view of the Great Room open to kitchen and dining room


Living Room

Another view of the living room

Side view of living room leading to dining room


Crafts and Laundry hiding behind doors

Cedar closets/Mudroom 

Kids study area 

Backyard Patio 

Good Bye Mayflower Home!  

We made beautiful memories here that we will never forget. 

Here's a sneak peak of our new home.

This pic shows why we fell in love before looking inside. 

Take care,