Tuesday, October 30

Autumn Colors Around the House

Autumn goodness going around especially when the sun shines brightly.   

Just a few pics of Autumn bliss....

Thanksgiving will be upon on us soon.  It will be our last Holiday gathering for a little while.  We are 

going to do our kitchen in a few weeks.    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Love when

everyone has a break for a few days to enjoy Autumn goodness and give Thanks!   

Take care, 

Sunday, July 29

Summer Flowers

Flowers blooming through June, July, and now soon enough 

August blooms will be popping up. 

Here are a few pics from around the house. 

Take care, 
Happy  Sunday! 


Tuesday, January 30


There hasn't been too many snow days this winter

 to pause and 

 enjoy watching the snow fall, 

build snowmen,

 and warm up by the fire. 

Our Magnolia tree is surviving the winter.  

The shiny leaves on the Magnolia tree

 look pretty in the snow. 

It's the last week of January and getting closer 

to Spring. 

Can't wait till this Magnolia tree 

blooms their fragrant flowers.


Take care,