Thursday, August 25

I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise......


I am sooo excited and

counting the days

for Saturday to come....

We have waited all year to go



The Zac Brown Band!

ALL country fest this weekend.

No hurricane is going to keep us from

enjoying this night...fingers crossed!

Take care and have a great weekend.



Monday, August 22

Happy Monday!


We are back from vacation

in Nantucket.



and happy.

It's bitter sweet to leave Nantucket but we do

enjoy returning

to our


Only three weeks left before you know what starts....

Can't even think of it right now.

Making sure all homework, summer reading, and projects are complete.

Soon enough!

In the meantime,

catching up on some of my favorite magazines.

I wanted to share this Lake House

spotted in

Southern Living.

I love this picture and wanted to share.

Family photos used on the face of cabinet doors.

Love it!

Here are more pictures of this beautiful

Lake House.

Take care and Happy Monday!


Sunday, August 7

Nantucket House


I have to show you the decor of this Nantucket house....

We have been renting this house for eight years.

The kids love it


call it the

Up Side Down House.

The rooms are reverse.

The bedrooms are downstairs

and the

Great Room,


are upstairs.

I think it's a brilliant idea!
(the only thing that is not so much fun is carrying all the groceries

There are trees and bushes surrounding the property so it seems

you are under a canopy.

The deck is along one of the walls
facing the


It's really beautiful at night....

This is where we enjoy

listening to



shooting stars.

It's a relaxing house

to enjoy good times


make sweet memories.

Love the decor.

I'm not sure the style of the house.

Not all of the decor is coastal.

There are sea shells and coastal paintings hanging on mantels and above the window sills.

The owners
also added trinkets and decor from places they have visited such as Guatemala.

We feel at home here.

My Mom is from Guatemala
and it seems that it was meant to be to find this house.

We are thankful the owners are able to share their home with us.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

First walk into the house.

Bathroom between two bedrooms. Couldn't take pics
of bedrooms. The kids were still sleeping.

At the end of the hallway door leading to backyard
and outdoor shower.

Reading room/office right before master bedroom.

At the end of the bed of the master bedroom a beautiful stone

Master bath and shower on the opposite side.

Heading back above the main door. Love the windows and
of course the aqua bell mason jars.

Heading upstairs.

Top of the stairs.

Cute shelves....

His and hers....Love the white slip covered chair.
This is where I read in front of the fireplace.

Stone fireplace.

View of the dining room.

The kitchen. Love this color blue.

Another view. At the end there is a breakfast nook.
Love the open shelves for the dishes, glasses, etc.

Walk in pantry. Had to take a picture of the oversize
bell jars. Need to find some of those.

Behind the couch the kids call it the game room.
Lots of books, games, and pillows on the floor.

Another view of family room.

Upstairs bathroom.

Upper deck...Also love the color blue
on these chairs.

View from upper deck. First thing in the morning.

Another view.
Once the fog clears you can see Nantucket roof tops at a distance.

Take care,


Monday, August 1

August is here.....


Getting ready,

to jump into vacation,

to be free,


enjoy wholesome

summer past times.

Take care,