Friday, February 25

One year blog anniversary & a little surprise!


I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.
We are on spring break and having some fun family quality time.

We went to visit Kings for some bowling and to my surprise
ANTHROPOLOGIE was right next door.

After bowling we stopped at Sugar Heaven aka candy store
which the kids were happy to fill their plastic bags
full of goodies.

Once that was done, it was easy to sneak over to Anthropologie.
Sat them on one of Anthropologie's beautiful couch and Mommy did her thing. Scanned the whole store and loved everything.

I could wander around there for hours.
There was so much to look at.

I had not been in one of their stores for a long time.

The store was decorated so beautifully.

Love all their lanterns, glass bottles set in wire baskets, plates, tea cups, jewelry, scarves, and so much more.

Many pretties including how they decorate the store.

The window displays were magnificent with gorgeous paper dresses on the mannequins, paper flowers everywhere on the walls, ceiling, and they even made them into lanterns.

It's my first blog anniversary this week and I was thinking how I could celebrate it with you.

So when I found the Anthropologie store I wanted to share what I found.

My inspiration came from these gorgeous paper flowers that were all over.

One year ago this week, I wrote my first blog post.

It has gone by so quickly.

I am having lots of fun but I still have alot to learn.

Thank you for following and writing your sweet comments.

I enjoy reading your blogs.

It takes me away for a little while.

I love looking at your beautiful updates to your homes.

One of many things I enjoy reading on a daily basis.

So I thank you for sharing your incredible and inspirational blogs.

Here is the giveaway and I hope you like it.....

Please leave a comment, become a follower, or share with your friends.

I always like finding out about new blogs.

I will let you know the winner by March 4th.

Thank you and to more fun decorating this year!

Take care and have a nice weekend,

Wednesday, February 16

What does Country mean to you?

Have you checked out the new

Country Living Magazine March 2011?

"What's Country Now

Love the cover....different from last issue all WHITE.

Let me know what you think?

via Country Living

Country means to me a collection of

mix n match,

combine old and new,

soothing colors,


plenty of comfort.

Yes, plenty of comfort.

What makes you comfortable and happy in your home
should be what Country is all about....

What does Country mean to you?

Have a good week.

I am working on another blank wall opposite of my desk nook.

Hopefully I will be able to finish it by the weekend.

My little one is under the weather.

Take care,


Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!


I had a wonderful birthday weekend!

Thank you for your sweet messages.

I appreciate it very much.

It's fun turning 40....

My sweet husband surprised me.

We spent the weekend in the city!

Always fun for us.....

He also arranged for my family to be with us which was special.

I love the city....

Love all the hustle, cafe's, restaurants, shops,


people watching.

We made sweet memories!

Our home is filled with flowers...

My sweet Sofia and I made these for her friends at school.

They were her first Valentine's Day cards...

I hope you are with your loved ones


Happy Valentine's Day!

Take care,


Friday, February 11




to me!

I have been celebrating with friends


doing this

and this

and more celebrating this weekend

with my beautiful and loving family.

Have a great weekend and I'll be back next week!

Take care,

Monday, February 7

A place I call my own Part II


Here is my very own little nook.

My youngest is already sitting & coloring.

She likes her new space and so do I....

You can find some of my inspirations from my last post

A place I call my own....

Found this cute etsy shop Vol 25 that makes these.

Aren't they cute?

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

My only and favorite perfume.

Etsy shop at Art by Teresa Sheeley


her beautiful blog is found

I found the hook at Pier 1.

The Blue Avenue tote bag is from
Faded Plains etsy shop.

Blue glass bottle is from my favorite Antique Shop
Hexagon House Antiques

These notebooks are from
Cavallini Papers & Co.

My husband
found them at a local shop in town
Oliver's European Gardens.

I love this.
French antique spool with scissors.

Vintage Atlas canning jar from etsy shop Faded Plains.

The sap bucket found at Hexagon House Antiques.

Here is the chair I found over the weekend at
HomeGoods....Do you have one near you?

Closer look at the fabric...

This little chair I found at the
Hexagon House Antiques Store
I thought it was too cute to pass up.

This is my very own little space....
where I will be blogging and reading your wonderful inspirational posts.

Have a good week.

Take care,

Saturday, February 5

A place I call my own....

Working on making my desk area more enjoyable.

It always seems to collect the oddest things...

tiny Lego pieces, lightsabers,

super heroes,

coins, books,

school papers and candy wrappers.

You don't know how many times

I have cleaned off that space but it always

gets cluttered with stuff.

My desk has moved around a lot


I think I found a cute spot in the family room.

It's an empty wall space.

Air conditioner above,

Fireplace to the right,

and behind me is where our family gathers.

I found a few things from my favorite etsy shops.

Just need a couple of things to finish it off.

I am looking for a new chair,
(My husband kidnapped my chair for his office)


vase or bucket,

jars, bottles,

a hook,



I am hoping I can complete it by end of this weekend.

Here are some pictures for inspiration.

Does anyone have their own little space they call their own?

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living

Aren't they pretty?

Have a great weekend and I will share when I'm done.