Sunday, July 22

Summer fun!

Summer is the best.....especially the weekends when everyone is home.

The kids got their grown up bikes this past weekend and so did we.  

The kids are having a blast. 

Going for bike rides around the neighborhood and 

down the street from us is this great cranberry bog with trails. 

The kids love it!  

I have been on foot walking behind them with my little one on her 

small bike with training wheels.  

We saw this great vintage bike with the cute basket.

We have a farmers market not too far from us and it would be fun to ride there  

and pick up a few goodies.
It's too bad the bike was already sold when we got there. 

The owner of the bike shop showed us some other vintage looking bikes and 

loved this one.

What do you think? 

Hollywood cruiser by Schwinn

It arrives 3 to 5 days.  

Can't wait...

Also found a cute Nantucket basket to go with it!  

 We set up our patio for movie nights.

We watched the new released Three Stooges..

We thought it was funny.  The kids enjoyed it and 

then we watched the originals.

Fun weekend! 

Have a good week.  

Take care,


Wednesday, July 4

Party like it's 1776!

Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy time with family and friends...

The Avett Brothers

released their new hit single this week from their 

new album coming out in September.

Live and Die

Decorating last night while watching 

Musical journey by train.

Take care,