Sunday, August 22

It's a new day!

Feeling relaxed and ready for this week. Lots going on after coming back from vacation. Dentists appointments, dr. appointments, and sneaking in more activities before the summer is over.

The basement is coming along. I wish I took some pics of the before. The laundry room was moved, the framework was put up for the cedar closets, cubbies for the toys were built under the stairs, and closets were framed for the utilities. Now we are deciding whether the walls should be beadboard or wide planks. As we have been renovating our home one room at a time we have been designing the rooms half beadboard and half sheet rock. Our sun room is the only room in the house that's all beadboard. Should they go horizontal or vertical? Most rooms I have seen in magazines have the vertical look. I'm not sure I like it that way. Another dilemma is that one part of the basement's ceiling is lower because we have a sunk in living room.
We were thinking that we would leave the pine beams exposed in that section of the basement and then do a regular ceiling in the others.

Here are some inspirational pictures. Which do you prefer for the walls horizontal or vertical?

Vertical planks here in the dining room. I love the window panes
in the entry way to the dining room.

Here in this picture the boards are vertical too but they are a lot thinner.
I have always loved the beadboard ceiling look.

Exposed beams. Maybe this look for the ceiling for one part of our basement. Paint the beams white and in between.

This is my favorite picture. I think I do like the wide planks going horizontal.
This is a pretty room. I can picture myself drinking a cappuccino and looking through my Country Living Magazines.

Here is another style with the wide planks going horizontal.

Images from House Beautiful and Country Living.

Take care.


maría cecilia said...

Hola Claudia, renovar no es tarea fàcil, hay tantas buenas ideas por ahí, como las que muestras aquí, que la decisión se hace un tanto difìcil. Pero, en general, la inspiración que encuentras es muy similar entre ella así es que ya sea que decidas horizontal o vertical, yo creo que cualquiera de ellas puede quedar muy bien en tu subterràneo. Es cosa de decidirse y ya!!!
muchos cariños,
maria cecilia

Deb said...

Hi Claudia, I like vertical boards the best but all plank walls are awesome. I do love that last photo though!!! Deb

Unknown said...

Hmmm ... all of these photos are great and I don't think you could go wrong with those planks either way. It does sound like you prefer the horizontal though, so if I were you I would go with my gut feeling about that.

Did I mention that I am remodeling my basement too? Not for my pleasure like you though - I am gutting the bathroom, putting in a kitchen and a walkout door so I can rent it.

WHAT A MESS they have made of my yard in the process!!! I can't even think about that or I get too discouraged ... next spring I will have to focus on that repair!

Good luck with the project though, sounds like it will be fabulous when you're done!

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