Thursday, December 29

Feast of the seven fishes

Feast of the Seven fishes is an Italian tradition

celebrated on Christmas Eve.....

Our family celebrates and prepares the

Seven fishes on New Year's Eve.

This is because we don't spend Christmas weekend here at home and I wanted

to share an Italian tradition with our kids.

We love to cook and spend time in the heart of our home.

It's a night of cooking, drinking, dancing,


watching the world turn Midnight!

On the menu for this year will be


Prosecco with drops of Chambord & frozen raspberries for fun.

Argentine Wine with dinner

Champagne to toast,

Limoncello with dessert.

Finish the night off with espresso and more Champagne.


Seven Fishes

Shrimp Crostini,




Linguine Vongole,
(24 littlenecks in a white wine broth with a splash of diced tomatoes
hubby makes this and it's soooo good).

prepared with tomatoes, garlic, red chilies, olive oil, mint, & capers.
(soaked for three days in cold water to get rid of the salt)


Grilled Lobsters in a Meditteranean broth.

It will be a feast.


Grapes for good wishes in the New Year!

(homemade by me)

(Visit to the North End the Italian section in Boston for goodies),

Italian cookies,



This is our tradition for New Years Eve.

Do you have traditions during this festive time?

I wish you a wonderful New Year in 2012!

Thank you for all of your inspiration through out the year.

I enjoy reading your posts and they make me smile.

Looking forward to a spectacular 2012!

Take care,



Unknown said...

Hi Claudia ... sounds like a wonderful tradition. (And a lot of work!) Have a glorious time! Happy New Year!!!

Faded Plains said...

Wow...that's a great looking menu. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Erin said...

A feast indeed, Claudia! The variety of delicious foods and drinks....mmmm, I'm getting hungry. :) I think the prosecco with chambord is my new favorite drink. Next time we make it, I'll have to take your suggestion of adding raspberries.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I hope 2012 treats you and your family well!

Take care,
Carolina Country Living

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