Saturday, September 10


September has arrived....

The kids were in school for two whole days.

Just a couple days before

eating gelatos,


outdoor movies,
(Trying all summer long to get that projector to work and finally it did
to watch The Marx Brothers).

Then the day before

new first day outfits,

new shoes, new watches, new accessories,

new school supplies.

There were happy faces going to bed before first day of school.

Our kids were ready to reunite with




they were looking forward to their First Day of School Surprises!

I hope everyone's first day went well.

I wish everyone a great school year!

September is here and I'm starting to prepare some changes

to welcome Autumn.

Even though it was hot out yesterday I have not yet

put away my flip won't see me wearing boots yet!

Open House was this week for my oldest and I was the only

one wearing open toe shoes.

There were a lot of leather boots going on!


Not ready yet!

Here are some inspirational pictures to bring a little bit of

Summer and Fall together

for at least a few more weeks.

Love all the warm colors.

Images via Coastal Living, Cottage living, Southern living.

The last couple of weeks I have been enjoying your blog posts.

So much inspiration and talent!

Have a great weekend.

Take care,