Monday, July 11

Starting to Bloom....


I hope you all had a nice weekend.

We had a great time in Nantucket.

I fell in love with their gorgeous hydrangeas.

They are so pretty and spectacular.

I am hoping our hydrangeas will bloom like these someday.

We planted hydrangeas a couple of years ago


this is the second year they have bloomed.

I started keeping the left over coffee grounds and adding them to the soil.

I'm not sure if that made a difference but they started to bloom.

I would love to cut some but fearful they won't grow back next year.

Anyone have any tips as to cutting them?

Here are some pictures.

Love taking pictures of our flowers at night.

They stand up so tall....

There is not much shade during the day in front of our house.

They don't seem to do so well in the hot sun.

But I love looking out the window from the dining room and being able to see the tops of the hydrangeas.

They are starting to turn from white to a very light pale blue.

Here are some other flowers that I love......

Pink Coneheads....

Daisy flowers...

Happy Monday!

Take care,


Unknown said...

Hi Claudia! The hydrangeas weren't out at all when I was in Nantucket and that was a first! They are such a fabulous "staple" on the island, that it was strange not to see any in bloom. They don't do very well here in the dry heat of Utah, but I found a fairly good spot in my yard for a bush a few years ago and I have cut some of the blooms off every year ... they come back just fine! LOVE them!!!

Faded Plains said...

I too love hydrangeas...every year I plant a few bushes. They make for great cut flowers because they'll come back year after year.


I love your hydrangeas. We have had trouble getting ours to bloom here.
Have a great weekend! I'm your newest follower.
~ Julie

Tessa said...

hi claudia! i'm still trying to figure mine out. i planted them last summer. 4 bushes. only two had flowers this year and two didn't. they all flowered last year. how lovely that you spent time in nantucket this summer. it's one of my very favorite places!! xo, tessa

Serendipitous Home said...

Hi Claudia!
Thanks for stopping by when I've been away so long. I'm so jealous, Nantucket! The pictures are beautiful. I don't have any tips but your hydrangeas look fantastic. You must have heard about pine needles to make them blue right? I just planted one at our back door and it has tons of blooms but will see how it is next year. They are my fav too!

Have a wonderful vacation!


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