Saturday, March 26

Spring Mantel


It's suppose to warm up this weekend.

I hope Spring will start soon.

This past week we had snow and thought,

Will it never end?

I have been trying to update the house for

Lots of wonderful times ahead....

We are looking forward to celebrating our daughter's 4th Birthday.

She was born on the first day of Spring.

The theme this year is
Makeup, Nails, and Pink Panther.

We will see what we come up with........

She loves Pink Panther.

We are also looking forward to our
Spring Break vacation.

Heading to sunny California to be exact

We love that place. So many fun things to do.

Back to decorating.

I have updated our fireplace mantel....

I have one question.

Should I paint the mantel white?

I go back n forth with this.

When we first moved in our Cape House it was all about wall paper, stencil, and all dark wood.

We ended up painting our family room all white.

I have never really shown pictures before because I am still trying to finish decorating.

Lots of changes through out the years.

I left the mantel dark for now because I felt nostalgic that there is something left from when we started updating our house.

What do you think?

Should we paint it white?

I would appreciate your opinion.

Left of the fire place is my desk nook which I love and where I am writing this post from....

To the right is our sun room which I am slowly updating for Spring/Summer season with a few changes.

I will post more pictures of our family room in the future so that you can get a feeling of it.

I am also working on a blank wall on the opposite side of the
photo below.

Let me know what you think?

We are updating the fire screen soon too. We are looking to see whether to change the screen to black or open up the fireplace.

Happy Decorating and have a beautiful weekend!

Take care,


LuLu said...

I know how you feel about the weather.... they are calling for snow tonight {the last one i hope} but then the temps rise throughout the week!! so feeling hopefull!!!
Oh i'm jealous about your trip... i adore Coronado!! We use to live in Carlsbad CA.
Wishing you a great trip!!
Oh and about the mantel... that's a hard one... right now i'm drawn to dark wood as accents so i may lean towards waiting till you have everything else as you want it then decide. but that's just because i'm on the fence as well! sorry i was probably not very helpfull!!

Tessa said...

sounds like you've got lots of fun ahead!! we love CA too! as for your mantle, hmmmmm.... I think I would paint the mantle white and open up the fireplace. but it looks pretty either way so you can't go wrong. enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


ps. ha! the word verification is "mistake" so maybe you should disregard everything I just said! :)

Serendipitous Home said...

Hey there,
Home Sense in Canada is the same as your Home Goods in the US I believe
I am so jealous! You have the most to die for fireplace reading nook and I am sick for that fabric on your chairs, love taupe and white.
You are so great to do the seasonal thing, the sunflower picture is just so what we need right now isn't it? I'm just not there yet with other stuff to do with the bedroom.
So what will it mean when you say open up the fireplace. Will it make it wider, taller? Maybe do that first and see how it looks and then decide if you want to paint the wood. I like the idea of it painted and then you could still do a black screen to make it the focal point but balance the other side with something on the left of it. If you can do a sketch and colour in different options maybe that will help you see what will work.

michelle said...

Spring is getting so close! I can't wait for the warmer weather. The sun has been out but it has been cold here. What a fun trip that you have planned and how cute that your daughter loves Pink Panther! :)
I love white so I painted out mantel white. You can always tape white paper over the mantel and see if that gives you an idea of how it might look? Good luck, either way your fireplace is beautiful!

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

Hi Claudia, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog earlier...I love finding new blogs and I'm following now. I love your mantel display. I had something similar and painted my mantel white. I'm going to post pictures soon, so perhaps you can take a look and see if it suits your style. I hope your little girl has a great's very cute that she likes the Pink Panther!

Unknown said...

Hi Claudia! You definitely have taste, so I think either way you go it will look great with how you have it decorated! I am leaning toward white ... but not 100%. Good luck! And have a fun party! :)

Deb said...

Still waiting for spring here too sure is taking it's time though!

I think your mantel would look great painted white...but I love painting everything white!

Enjoy your holiday! ~Deb~

Tessa said...

Thank you so much, Claudia! I got my lovely little package of goodies! Such a treat! I love the beach art from the Duxbury shop too. What a fun surprise. I spent many hours on the beach in Duxbury when we lived in Boston b/c it was so close to my husband's work and he often worked weekends so I'd drop him off and then spend the day at the beach! Hope you are having a great week!!


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