Wednesday, August 18

Day of Shopping and Raw Bar!

We went into town to do some shopping for the basic t-shirts and sweatshirts and then went to my favorite store on the Island. The Best of the Beach.

They carry tote bags to household items and best of all Dash & Albert rugs. Love those!! They had a whole bunch wrapped up and sitting in a small wooden boat.

Couldn't decide which one yet. I thought I would go back tomorrow after the beach and pick up the blue, yellow, and pink stripe one in the middle. I thought it would look good in the new basement somewhere near the laundry room. We'll see. I hope it's still there.

I did see a few things for the kids school supply list. I checked off three things. Didn't want to think about school yet but they had these cute placemats and cups.

We ended the day at the Raw Bar at the Nantucket Lobster Trap and had an Elbow Bender. It's a combination of rum, fruit juices, cherry herring and a secret ingredient. It's delicious! Heading out to the beach now.

Take care,


Unknown said...

I LoVe the t-shirt shops in Nantucket! My sisters and I used to walk into each one over and over and over trying to decide which shirts we would bring home to our kids! But as far as a "favorite store" on the island .... ???? I have too many to decide!

Enjoy the beach. I'm just a little bit jealous! :)

Deb said...

I would love to vacation in Nantucket and the beach shop looks awesome! Dash and Albert rugs are the best...I have a pale blue and white one. Enjoy your holiday!

Unknown said...

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