Thursday, January 6

I am in heaven....

Does anyone else love them?

Have you seen their new January catalogue?

I am in heaven.

Here are a few items I looked at that caught me eye...

Take a look.

Distressed European Wall Clock

I need a clock for the basement and thought this one would look great at the bottom of the stairs and it would match the wooden beams.

Blue Stripe Feed Sack Message Board

Red Stripe Feed Sack Message Board

I almost wish I saw these first.

I already purchased individual message boards for the kids above their craft table.

They are cute and they do like them.

So far my memory boards around the house.

This is the fabric for the memory board in the kitchen.

Here's a picture of the memory board in the kitchen.

Industrial Side Table Stool

Stools for the craft table. They look comfortable.

Natural Linen Hand Towels

Anything with a ruffle I love.


I have been eyeing this for the last couple of months. I think it would look great near our fireplace to hold wood


all of the stuffed animals that keep sneaking up to the family room.

Have a good weekend everyone.

We're expecting snow again. Love it!!

Take care,



Unknown said...

Wow, this is all fantastic stuff! I have never even heard of Wisteria. I agree that the clock would be perfect for your basement and I am totally in love with that big "Sunlight Soap" container!

Happy snowy weekend!

la la Lovely said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I see the stools. They are so cute! So are they really uncomfortable? They seem like such a steal. Everyone has me worried about backless stools with kids.

Love Wisteria too!! Such a great catalogue!

Serendipitous Home said...

I love that fabric, it has an William Morris arts and crafts feel but the colours are sooo now. It is stunning in your kitchen. I'm so drawn to these patterns too and then I pull back and talk myself out of them. I tip my hat to you for being so adventurous. The basement looks incredible, you must be so proud and that metal bin is stunner and I loooove the clock too. You have such great taste!
Do they ship to Canada?


Deb said...

Love that clock too Claudia! We are getting so much snow this month and although it's so pretty, I am just looking forward to spring! ~Deb~

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